Age of Empires with monsters: If you like to sweat, you should grab it

Developer PlaySide provides the strategy world with fresh supplies: In his new game Age of Darkness: Final Stand, your building, and monster slaughter skills will be put to the test in equal measure. We tell you who should definitely have a look.

Age of Darkness: Final Stand in the test – Build during the day, die at night

In addition to the long-established strategy giants such as Age of Empires and Anno, players below the radar can also repeatedly encounter fresh and promising challenges. In 2017, developer Numantian Games combined building strategy with tower defense in their game They Are Billions – a cool and, above all, crisp concept.

Four years later, developer PlaySide enters the ring with a similar game and starts the “Early Access” phase tomorrow. Now we ask ourselves the crucial question: What makes Age of Darkness: Final Stand better, different or worse ?

In Age of Darkness, you have to build a kingdom in a medieval fantasy world. That means building houses for your residents and pulling up logging huts and farms for raw materials. The bigger you want to get, the further you have to expand your lands. Not an easy task when the world is haunted by dozens of monsters. When the day draws to a close, the second gameplay phase begins with the night, in which your kingdom is attacked by waves of monsters.

The key is multitasking: the player has to build and research, keep an eye on resources, advance into the world with large armies, and at the same time upgrade his defenses, both for the ordinary nights and for the nightmare nights with gigantic armies. Every mistake can have devastating consequences – if you don’t pay attention, the monsters will overrun you within seconds! With each iteration, you get and have to get smarter.

The direct comparison: They are Billions vs. Age of Darkness

  • Zombies vs. Monsters : In They Are Billions a single zombie can infect and destroy your area, Age of Darkness, on the other hand, quickly forgives you if an outpost is overrun.
  • In addition to the normal units, Age of Darkness offers a hero who has special attacks, but can only be retrieved at an extremely high price if lost
  • Negative Effects, Rewards and Skill Trees : In Age of Darkness, units have a status that can be influenced by effects. While the night scares the soldiers, the player can choose positive effects after each nightmare night. You can also improve the skills of your units.
  • All in all : Age of Darkness is much more difficult, more complex and mean than its original, even if a little more frustrating in some situations. The defense of the medieval fortress involves completely different strategies and situations than the steampunk setting of They Are Billions.
  • The only but major disadvantage: Long-term gaming fun is currently still at risk due to the limited “Early Access” content. While They Are Billions players can already access dozens of expansions and missions, “Age of Darkness” players still have to be patient. Currently only the English language version is available, the German will be submitted later.

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